F1 23 vs Forza Motorsport

How do you feel about the new F1 23? Do you plan to get it or wait for Forza Motorsport?

I want a new racing game and have always been a fan of the Forza Motorsport series. But the F1 23 does look pretty good and I don’t know when Forza will come out. Just hate to get into a racing game when I will definitely get Forza anyway.  What are your thoughts

  • Ya know, I'd like to be good at racing games, but I barely competent at Mario Karts. It's fun to watch good players tho

  • I would wait and get the Forza.

  • Huge fan of most racing games, but have always returned to forza motorsports..I've owned every game since..

    But willing to try others..

  • Obviously, F1 if you want to race formula one and forza if you want a variety. Not sure why this is a question.