What was your most recent GPU upgrade?

What was your most recent GPU upgrade and why? 
What did you have before the upgrade?

  • I don't have a gaming computer so none - hoping to win one of giveaways here...

  • I went from a Chromebook with integrated graphics to a pc with an RTX 3060. I really wanted to be able to actually play games, and Chromebooks can barely run browser games without lag.

  • Went from an RTX 2060 to a RX 5700 XT, mainly because my newer monitor wasn't g-sync compatible, and at the time, the RX 6000 series prices were still through the roof. I been waiting for the RX 7700 XT or 7800 XT to be released, hopefully sometime soon.

  • well, I don't remember. What's a GPU anyway ??

  • Bought a whole new PC two years ago. Old one just could NOT hang any more.

  • Bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad Core 17 8th gen

  • 1070 to 3070 because I got a deal. My son went from 2070 Super to 6950xt because he got a deal.

  • I built a new computer, so I got a 3060 recently in my desktop. I don't know what my previous desktop had but it was 10 years ago. My laptop has a 2060... it does alright still but struggles through graphic intensive games.

  • 1050Ti to 2070. I did get a new Lenovo Legion in the process, so not really a GPU upgrade as much as a whole laptop upgrade. But I think it still counts.