What was your most recent GPU upgrade?

What was your most recent GPU upgrade and why? 
What did you have before the upgrade?

  • Graphics processing unit.

  • An Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Super was the last upgrade for me. It was a few years ago and what I could afford at the time. It was more a budget-priced solution at a time when the whole cryptomining thing was still big and causing major volatility in pricing, plus the COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold and disrupting manufacturing and the supply chain. I had to wait a few months to even get it actually. It turned out to be good timing because my old video card finally kicked the bucket shortly thereafter (was a Geforce GTX 295).

  • Brand new computer with a 3080 now - previously had a GTX1650 and an 1070ti - since the 2 computers had different processors and memory, hard to say which card actually performed better.

  • My brother giving me his old computer with a GeForce 1060i in it