Diablo 4

How is everyone enjoying Diablo 4 so far? I've had a blast. Although, the story seems to be going too fast, but I'm on World tier 1. Sometimes when I finish an Act I think to myself, "was that the end of the act?" lol

  • Love it but TOTK is draining my attention.

  • Pretty fun. I just wish I knew that rushing the main quest was better than doing all the side quests. Once I hit level 50 world tier 2 no longer provided enough xp to level up easily. Felt like I was wasting my time. 

  • Not paying extra to play early. Gonna wait a few days after the main launch since I expect there to be server issues on the real launch day. Overall, I'm pretty excited, just hope the launch goes smoothly.

  • There are so many new games, I am completely overwhelmed and can't keep up!  I guess that's a good thing.   

  • I will like to try the game, it looks fun to play.

  • I would love to try it! But first, I need a PC to play it, and then a copy of the game... Some days, it feels very far away. Just gotta keep working..

  • Thoroughly engrossing and fun!

  • It will have wait for now. Still working on other projects.