What is your favorite arcade game of all time?

My favorite arcade game of all time, meaning the one I spent  way too much money playing, was Rush 2049.  I haven't even seen one in 15 years, and haven't played one regularly in 20 years, but my friends and I covered every inch of those tracks back in the day. We even posted our scores on the message boards that were online using the codes that popped up on the screen on the leader board page.   It was the first game I ever played where you could compete with people from all over the world to try to beat their best time.

  • My favorite arcade game would be the Pump It Up dance machines due to the variety of songs I can pick and dance to based on my selected difficulty. Also, the arcade game brings me fun memories of dancing on the machine during late-night hours with my friends. Such a shame, though, that my busy schedule has prevented me from going to Acrade to dance on the machine once more.  

  • Oh wow, I hadn't thought about Rush 2049 in forever.  That was an awesome game!!  I really enjoyed playing it in the arcade back in the day!  I also remember getting it on the N64.

  • The bike racing games because I would never have enough space for one at home

  • The arcade machine I remember the most would be CarnEvil because it was in the local Peter Piper Pizza. I spent a lot of my childhood "special" events here growing up, so playing this game was the norm. 

  • Galaxian original

  • My favorite has always been the first that I ever played as a kid... Pole Position Slight smile "Prepare to qualify"

  • I loved 1943 and played it till I could finish the whole game with a quarter

  • Double Dragon is my favorite.