Is the Acer Aspire Vero Worth It?

I've been in the market recently for a new laptop and one that seems to pop up a lot is the Acer Aspire Vero. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts or comments about that particular model of machine?

  • Only Lenovo Laptops are great!  (Only kidding, as this is a Lenovo Community.  lol)   Seriously, there are many variations of the Aspire Vero and some would be ok for gaming.  BUT, most don't include dedicated graphics cards, and have slower processors; So be careful with the specs of any computer you select for gaming. The biggest thing ACER notes about the Aspire Vero, is that it's made with a lot of RECYCLED material.  Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with being good for gaming. I would also recommend  the larger screen size for gaming, NOT the 14".  This applies to any Laptop you plan to use for gaming (Or when you start to need reading glasses. LOL)

  • Nope.  Just dont buy it.

  • When I made my first purchase on Amazon (a decent pair of headphones for $65) I started seeing the exact model everywhere. It encouraged and reinforced my confidence in the purchase, like a salesman saying "excellent choice, sir." It was working the first couple times, until i thought about it and how cookies work to generate relevant ads based on browsing history. 

    So when you say it keeps popping up, is it objective sources, places like cnet or consumer reports posting top ten lists, or is it just ads luring you back to seal the deal?

  • I tried so many gaming laptop , still prefered Lenovo gaming series with dedicated graphics .it worth the money 

  • I have not had good luck with any Acer computer. I  had a motherboard go out on one that I barely ever used. Maybe I got one defective computer, but that bad experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • I don't have any personal experience with an Acer laptop. I friend of mine once told me that the one he purchased a couple of years ago was not worth it.

  • Usually. Once you visit a product page and a cookie was planted, you can do something called remarketing or retargeting where ads for that product or similar products follow you around the internet on partner advertising sites.

  • I haven't liked any of the Acer laptops I have tried. I have a sibling and cousin who have had them and was not impressed. There are only two brands that I would not considered buying and those are Acer and HP, especially HP. I would go with a brand and model with a good dedicated graphics card  for gaming like a Legion, Alienware or other Dell gaming model. ROG Asus have decent gaming laptops too. I really like my Legion and would recommend it for gaming. The prices for Legion gaming laptops are really good during their many sales events.

  • It looks good to me.  If you're okay with integrated graphics than it's a perfectly good laptop and I like its green credentials.

  • Have you looked into, say, a Lenovo?