Handheld Console

Witch is the best handheld console for you and why?


  • The Nintendo switch is great because of it’s setup and easy of use.

  • I would have to agree. The Nintendo Switch is a great choice. My wife loves her switch.

  • Nintendo Switch is great, but as an IT worker, I prefer the Steam Deck.

  • Anyone remember the Sega Nomad? Just me? I'd say currently is the Switch because of it's library and versatility.

  • Nintendo Switch! Good selection of games.

  • Steam deck with my steam library

  • The nintendo switch for me. It's fun and easy to use. plus something I'm not going to worry too much about getting into a long story game most of the time with it's casual games. I just find it a quick and fun system that doesn't suck me in too much with all the stuff of daily living that needs taken care of. 

  • tough choice between switch and steam deck. switch maybe to ease of setup.

  • Tough choice but it'd have to be the Switch. Hard to play those games any where else. If it weren't for that reason, it'd have to be between the Ally and Steam deck. Playing PC games on the go is such a nice thing to have.

  • The Nintendo 3DS. As much as Nintendo Switch seems to be the prominent answer (I do own one as well) and often people tend to be prisoners of the moment, I am going to go with the 3DS as my favorite handheld. With an expansive and fantastic library of games that has been available to it between 3DS, original DS, and virtual console titles, and as a big Zelda fan for many years I can appreciate the fact that it can boast 11 mainstream titles in the franchise on a single platform. It's also significantly more portable than a Switch.