Favorite PC Indie Game?

What's your current favorite indie game and why? Looking for some good suggestions

  • Now playing v rising it's nice game. 

  • My favorite indie game would be GRIS purely for the music and the art. 

  • Cruelty Squad 98% positive on steam as well

    sort of has a cult following but it is a amazing FPS mix with LSD dream simulator (ps1 game) there’s lots of mechanics in the game it’s pretty straightforward though at the same time but there’s lots of weird weapons do weird things and augmentations you can actually get a appendix augmentation that turns your appendix into a grappling appendix and you can swim around like Spider-Man but careful because fall damage is ruthless but there’s ways to land like vertically and if you kick a wall and if you’ve been playing long enough you can wall jump might seem hard at first but the game is really addicting I actually bought my first gaming PC two years ago because of this game and it’s only 20 bucks on the Steam I recommend turning your dpi hi play like that for a while and then turn it down a bit but still fast enough where you can flick on baddies there’s a really intricate special way to Bunnyhop/strafe you can pick up speed and move quick even with no speed boosting augmentations unless you have two heavy guns good luck picking up speed but there’s also another way to play the game is the silent approach is there’s a lot of weapons that are silenced some of them don’t even have a silencer on them they’re just a weird gun so they’re silent but if you want to go for that S rank hope eradicated punishment mode status you need to fast legs *** man suit or bio thrusters and you could just whip through levels( some NPC‘s are special and when killed are permanently dead it will say so-and-so died on your screen like fish Fred he gives you a fishing pole on a certain level on a certain island and fishing is like a big part of the game kind of mean I can collect all these weird ass fish that shows you what you have collected in the Fishtank at the cruelty squad headquarters I really wish they had taken organ harvesting a room to because there’s lotta organs that you can discover and all the stuff makes money on the stock market to pay for your debts you will die a lot  and augmentations

    sorry for the long message cruelty squad is a game worth checking out I just recently bought this weird game called urge where the entire mechanic of the game is about piss and it’s a survival game and piss ruins everything not even on your end of that one the devs need to update a couple things they need to make like not P button because you’ll accidentally pee in your gas tank and ruin your tank and the thirst mechanic is also really really bad because it’s hard to purify water while worrying about your hunger and shelter and crazy piss psychos but yeah that game is called Urge, I believe it’s still an early Alex access but it does have a lot more updates and recognition in the last few months soon everybody I’ll be playing the piss game