Most-anticipated games?

Which games are you looking forward to the most right now?

For me, I think it's gotta be Halo Infinite. It's been SO long since Halo has been in the spotlight, and I really want the next release to help kick Halo back into the mainstream eye.

Overwatch 2 also looks promising! I'm personally a big fan of the new 1/2/2 meta, as a DPS player Smiley

What about you? Which games are you excited for?

  • I am also SUPER excited for Halo Infinite, and so glad that it will be available on PC (since 5 wasn't Sob). 

    As a sort of tangent, I also am waiting in anticipation for VR tech to become more fleshed out and consumer friendly. I feel there is so much potential in the VR world, but it is just so expensive at the moment for games that largely feel like they were made by an indie developer.

  • I can't wait for Halo Infinite. I was severely peeved that it didn't come out last year, but oh well.

  • Halo and Back for Blood

  • Starfield looks really interesting, I just hope it actually releases next year. Bethesda really likes taking their time with open world games. I'm also considering buying a PS5 for the new Horizon Zero Dawn game but I need a few other games alongside it to really make it worthwhile.

    The Outer Worlds 2 should also be a good time. The first one came out of nowhere and was a great 30 hours.

  • halo is truly awesome indeed

  • Overwatch 2,Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4

  • Just got my hand on the early access of Back for Blood and the Free Alpha Version of Company of Heroes 3. I love what the Company of Heroes 3 is going use as it uses almost all RTS style approach.

  • The game I am looking forward to playing the most is the game called ark survival evolved 2 I have been waiting to play this game ever since I heard about it years ago and it is still not out, I love to see all of the memes about the game and what it will be like. This game also already has some of the best designs and graphics that make it amazing the only thing I don’t like about the game is how much space it takes up in my computer, half my space belongs to ark and it is a little crazy some times especially with a lot of mods. Another game I am looking forward to playing is the new final fantasy I have liked the other new final fantasy game and I am truly excited because I will be getting a new ps 5 to play it as soon as I can’t find one. One of my favorite final fantasy games was the final fantasy 15 it had such a good story and I like that I was able to travel across the map and complete quest and things like that while still doing the main story of the game.