What is new on the Tech community? What Tech are you looking forward to see?

What Tech you wish we have?

Technologies are our way to improve our Lives, what is next?

  • Anything that would reverse the effects of being paralyzed. 

  • I guess its not that new anymore but I don’t have wifi 6 yet in my home. I still have wifi 5. It works great but I plan to pick up a new router in the near future for some wifi 6. I do have some wifi 6 capable devices so I am looking forward to it. I think I saw they are coming out with or already have some wifi 7? Either way its a definite upgrade! 

  • One new tech I'd be interested to see is the New Rocket CFX Type B memory cards.  These are supposed to have Read/write speeds like SSD's.  ~1,700 MBps read and write   Expect these will replace all the "SD" cards ; Unless the pricing is just way too high.  Would be great to have these slots on a Laptop, phone, etc...

  • I don't know, but is there a tech that ease boss' fears about people working remotely? (Outside the normal ways to show how connected we are to the workplace?)

  • Time Travel Machine so we could go see how jacked up our future is as humans.

  • 5000 series of Nvidia GPU's

  • I'm looking forward to ANYTHING that makes my life easier.

  • It will be interesting to see where AI goes.

  • It's a great to reach the sky limit with technology , but without forget to be humanitarian

  • How many of you have a gaming laptop that you use for business/office? Is it overkill or a good idea in certain circumstances?