Beach Weather — Would you bring your laptop to the beach? Why?

Laptop as the tide rolls inFor all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's Summer.  I thought of all those advertisements, movies, and TV shows — which love to portray people using their laptop — at the beach!

I've never seen it, in real life.  Nor would I ever choose to risk a useful laptop at the beach.  Would you?  Where are all the "dedicated professionals", who work during their vacation???



They must work for the military or intelligence agencies.  Experts in camouflage and disguise.  They're there — but, to the untrained eye — they appear to be empty chairs under an umbrella.  Or sand dunes.  And so does their laptop.

Think of the risks:

  1. Temperature
  2. Absorption of incoming solar radiation
  3. Abrasive sand, blown by wind
  4. Corrosive liquids — like salt-water — and beer
  5. Kinetic risks
    1. frisbees
    2. footballs
    3. children — think of the children

I wouldn't risk it.  Would you?

  • I just realized — I would bring a cheap Chromebook.  Does that count as a laptop?

  • Don't think I could do it. It sounds so wrong.

  • I once made the mistake of wearing a pair of $100¹ Nautica sunglasses to the beach.  It was only breezy that day.  I kept them in perfect condition, for 6 years before that day.

    Six months later (2007), I replaced them with a $200² pair — Reptile Reeves.  The finish on the Nautica pair was still... ok.  But, the lenses had become "fuzzy" — from 6 hours of gentle sandblasting. smh

    I have never worn the Reptile Reeves to the beach.  The lenses are still in perfect condition — after 15+ years.  The finish has worn off the bridge — where I hold them, while cleaning the lenses. smh

    I still have the Nautica pair — which I only wear, at the beach.  See?  I learned! lol

    ¹ Equivalent to $337, in 2023 USD (adjusted for real inflation, not CPI inflation).

    ² Equivalent to $489, in 2023 USD (adjusted for real inflation, not CPI inflation).

  • I definitely wouldn't risk bringing my laptop to the beach!

  • Hell no, my laptop is my baby

  • Hmmm... NotesSand in the keyboard, salty mist on the screen, now my keys are gritty and I can't quite see my screen... Just say Noooo Noooo nooooooo to a laptop on the beach!Notes

  • I'd bring it to a beach house maybe? I'm even nervous brining my waterproof kindle to the beach though...

  • Seems like a bad idea to me, the immediate concern is temperature and sand but the ocean air is probably not good for it either.

  • Yeah.  I'd bring everything to a house on the beach.  Provided that the house is climate-controlled.

    Like your Kindle, I am reluctant to bring my phone to the beach.  I usually leave it in the car.  I brought it to the sand only once, in 2014 — left my iPhone 5S¹ with someone I trusted in the group, inside a carefully sealed Ziploc bag.  Then, I ran out into the chilly surf — where I found myself surrounded by jellyfish!  I headed straight back to shore, getting stung only once — stepping on one of them.

    Just when I thought I had made it out unscathed. smh

    I stayed out of the water for the rest of the day.  I think that may have been the last time I went swimming.

    ¹ Barely water-resistant — far from waterproof.

  • I would never do it or advise someone to do it. Unless you have unlimited money to have spare ones at hand.