A Question About Bios Settings For My Lenovo Legion

So I was watching this video on YouTube (https://youtu.be/VgO0cPYwLBU) and there was something that the speaker said that caught my attention. He was going on about how he doesn't really go out of his house often and that he primarily uses his laptop while docked. With that said, he went on to say that if you want to leave your laptop plugged in all the time and not have to worry about the battery life going down the drain, you could change some bios settings. To sum up what the speaker does with his bios settings to keep his battery on the charger without ruining its battery life is by maintaining an idle at about 60% of the laptop's battery. Later on after I watched the video, I went off into my laptop's bios (my laptop is the Lenovo Legion 5i) to see if I could make the same changes in my bios that the speaker of the video did, but to my surprise, there was no such bios settings that I could change to get me the same battery preservation that this guy did. if there is anything that I can do to match the battery preservation that this guy did whether it be through my bios or through deep windows settings, please give me some pointers because I don't want to damage/degrade my laptop's battery any more than I have to.

  • Hey David! It does help to set a battery threshold, but this is typically done within the Lenovo Vantage app as opposed to the BIOS itself. Here is a video that helps explain it, the battery threshold settings come up at 0:48. 

    If you do not wish to watch the video, the gist is this: 

    1. Go to device settings
    2. Go to power settings
    3. Go to battery settings
    4. Look for the battery threshold meter, and set the maximum charge to your desired value

    Let me know if you have any issues finding it!

  • In my experience the best way to manage your battery life is to let Lenovo Vantage Vantage manage the battery. Turn off Rapid Charge and turn on Conservation Mode. I would stay away from messing with the BIOS on Lenovo Laptops, mainly because thee BIOS has very limited options, as Lenovo doesn't really like people messing about. The BIOS options don't really provide many useful options for modifying any of the normal settings you would see in something like American Megatrends etc. It's a very trimmed down BIOS.  Not to mention, there are many people who should just never enter the BIOS as making changes could cause major issues. However, this is in my opinion why Lenovo has such limited options in their BIOS, they have taken most of those feature out, so that you really can't do to much damage. 

    That all said, Lenovo Vantage does a really good job at managing your battery life, so I would recommend sticking with that. 

    Hope this helps!

  • You may want to check your thermal mode, and make sure it is set accordingly. It can be found in Lenovo Vantage as well, and you can choose between the three modes:

    Quite Mode (Battery life over Performance)

    Intelligent / Balanced Mode (Performance are based on demands - Recommended)

    Performance Mode (Performance over Battery life)

    You can also check Hybrid Mode.