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Currently I have the arctis 9x for xbox .. I have been trying since I got my laptop which is a legion 5 to connect them to my computer without any luck ..I went out a bought the xbox one adapter ,still doesn't work. I have watched and tried to figure out what is going on so I can connect them and I have followed everything to the letter .. So can anyone tell me what the hell I am doing wrong ? I don't wanna buy another headset just to game on my computer.

  • Hey Nitemare! Audio routing is always fun to troubleshoot Stuck out tongue

    Could be a lot of things, how does the Acrtis 9x connect to audio - wireless? Audio cable? And you have the base Legion 5 vs. pro?

    Have you checked to make sure all the headset settings are on/turned up?

  • I have the legion 5.I was doing it wireless and I did fix my issue . I posted this same thing in another group on facebook and one of the members asked if I updated the firmware on my headset.. I was poking around the website and sure enough it was that issue . I downloaded the firmware and immediately it worked . 

  • Oh awesome, glad you figured it out!

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