Gaming Laptop - List your Pros & Cons

Hello everyone!

I would like to hear from our friends who own gaming laptops.

What laptop do you have? And what do you think are the pros and cons of your gaming laptop?

If you don't own one, feel free to share your ideas too!

Game on!

  • I have a desktop and bought a Ideapad Gaming 3i so that I could take it on my work trips to play. It is HEAVY to take on a plane, but it is handy when you have good internet to play. When I'm at home I leave the laptop in the living room and my desktop stays in my office. I love that it gives me flexibility to move around the house without having to unplug my desktop and lug it around. 

    Saying that - my desktop will really live forever since I can upgrade whatever is needed. I would be willing to spend a lot more money upgrading my desktop than I would on a laptop. 

  • Pros: Portable, slightly powerful, great fpr gaming and being able to carry a decent amount of power in a decent amount of space.

    Cons: Small, battery life can be short, can heat up quickly. And depending on the model of the laptop, can underperform, not have proper cooling, and less customizability. 

  • All about portability for me.  I have a tower VR rig in the office as well but, for casual gaming around the house and when I travel, my Legion 5 does the trick.

  • I don't own a gaming laptop, but I would like one. I can kind of get around it using GeForce on my Chromebook, which works surprisingly well, I can even use my Xbox controller with it. The definite pros are just portability, it would be nice to not be stuck just at my desk. 

  • There are 2 major points of consideration (in my opinion), followed by a 3rd - cost.

    Portability is a Gaming Laptop's biggest PRO. This is self explanatory.

    Life is a Gaming Laptop's biggest CON. Gaming laptops tend to (in my experience) just burn themselves up quicker than normal. They generate a lot of heat in a small space, so dissipating that heat is always an issue.

    Other Pros/Cons are listed by other posters, but the biggest one for me has always been serviceability/upgradability. Laptops are notoriously difficult to service and often impossible to upgrade. In my opinion, unless you absolutely need the portability, a $1,500 gaming DESKTOP will end up serving you for far longer and be more forgiving (updates, upgrades, heat, mods, etc) than a gaming LAPTOP for the same cash.

  • I've used several gaming laptops and the cons tend to always be battery life and weight. For me as long as the weight is less than 5 lbs than that's a plus. 

  • With laptop easy to carry but heat is a problem. 

  • I had a desktop and have a Acer model laptop that I got during pandemic.  Pros would be portability, can move around the house with it and even take it with me.  Cons would be heat and fan noise and honestly upgradability.   I miss the desktop for those reasons but would like to have the benefits of both quite honestly.   Another con on laptop would be battery life if trying to game away from an outlet. Gaming laptop + gaming = very low battery life.

  • Pro is that it's portable. Con is that it can't play as heavy games as a desktop