Live Service Games are Frustrating

While this is nothing new, I've really felt the burn this past year of games falling like flies. Spellbreak, Rumbleverse, Babylon's Fall, Knockout City, Laser League, Lemnis Gate, Gundam Evolution. I could go on and on and on.

The thing is, some of these games are great. But the servers go down and you can't play anything. The games are lost forever.

I understand that service games are hoping to run on mobile game monetization with lootboxes, cosmetics, maybe pay to skip content. But why have so many studios failed to have any exit plan.

To their credit, in the ones listed above, two did. Spellbreak released the entire game server code on and fans can host their own. KO City did something similar with all skins unlocked. Capcom might be one of the few firsts to take a mobile game shutdown and sell it as a complete package (megaman x dive offline, coming in a few months).

Do you play and support any current live service games? Have you made peace with the fact that you'll have nothing when it all ends? What can we do to encourage a change in the industry?

  • Very few live service games make it past a few years. Some games like Fortnite, Rocket League, WoW, Elder Scrolls IV and War Thunder to name a few have lasted several years but like I said most die to their inevitable end. This is why I am reluctant to buy GAS games unless they are very cheap or free to play. It is hard for me to cough up $60 on a game like Marvel Avenger's or Overwatch at launch knowing well that they will at the most go offline a few years later. The mistake that most GAS games make is putting most of the focus on the paid dlcs and not enough to new content in their expansions with fresh ideas. Why would I want a new character without a new fresh area to play them in. Obviously it's because they charge for characters, skins, etc...... but for me I have to have something new to explore and experience. I wish I could recommend a good new GAS game that is worth putting 100s of hours but I honestly can't think of any except maybe DBD if you are into horror. There are some that are fun for a while like Destiny 2, Warframe, or Planetside 2 but they all become stale and repetitive for me. Warframe did such a great job for a few years with making the game feel new with each expansion and then started putting out dull content. I heard the latest expansion is pretty decent. I am the kind of gamer that if I play a GAS it has to be good enough for me to want to invest hundreds of hours to make it worth the journey like it was in the World of Warcraft glory days.

  • I can't stand this trend in gaming, personally. There are some, often indie, titles that don't go this route, but the state of AAA gaming right now is just horrendous. Titles like Battlefield and Halo are being totally mismanaged and losing the things that made them special. Both Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 attempted some of those same monetization techniques, only being corrected after a lot of fan backlash and many months. And, yet, despite being the live service model - with less content at release - they both somehow released in abysmal states technically; I just don't get what these companies are doing. That being said, both games have improved and are mostly playable both technically and content wise, but it should never have taken this many months (nearly two years) to get there. During that near two-year time period, both brands have taken massive hits, losing much of the good-will they had earned from previous games. Although the last several titles had started that downward trend, these new releases promised a return to form, and they both failed abysmally.

    As a counter example, Battlefield 4 had four or five huge DLCs released within about a year after launch. To be fair, they also had technical issues at launch, but the content available was so much greater, and better in my opinion.

  • I refuse to get invested into a live service game again after Disney Infinity. Great concept and gameplay but when the game ended, most are left with toys and Lego sets, and no game. Persistent people are still playing but not sure for how long.

  • Live service leave u with nothing after they end I don’t like getting invested in those 

  • Reluctant to try new live service as you have nothing for the time/money investment in the end except for memories. Cant load it up years later once severs are gone.

  • I've never really been a fan of the live service business model because to me, much like the free-to-play model, it inherently compromises what I would consider good game design and so consequently I generally avoid them like the plague. As for the trend in the industry it seems like a lot of companies are trying to take their swing in the hopes that their project will be the next big thing, but for every PUBG or Fortnite there are a myriad of other flops and failures as there is too much competition out there to establish and/or maintain a sustainable or worthwhile player base. Some of the larger publishers might even be backing multiple live service projects in the pipeline knowing full well that they would be fortunate to have even just one of them make a splash. Unfortunately I think you are going to keep seeing this until publishers realize that bubble has really burst and creating so many live service games is a lost cause.

  • I only play a few. diablo 4 and overwatch. I wish neither was live service. I hate battle passes. I will never buy one. Its a waste of money and forces me to play more than I want to get the rewards. Live service games are not meant for casual gamers with adult responsibilities. 

  • I do not play them at all

  • not interested in online service game sites,  they control you

  • Last year was worse with FFXIV! But things are getting better since they added more servers and allowed transferring between servers to ease congestions.