Hi All, 

Just wanted to introduce myself, I have owned multiple Lenovo Laptops over the years, but the Legion 5 is my favorite thus far, it's a solid laptop, with plenty of power! I have over 20 years as a Systems Admin and love to clear my head with a bit of Gaming. I used to always play FPS games and was on the RsF squad for a long time playing  COD. 

I was invited by Ben to the Legion Community Discord server, but there was something wrong with the invite he sent, and I found the group on there, but everything is locked, so I am not sure what needs to happen to get it unlocked. 

I have a topic I would like to start that he said would be a great topic since it seems to come up a lot in questions, but Im not sure where I would put that as it has to do with Hardware upgrades on the Legion 5. Any suggestions would be great and I hope I can add some of my experience to the group! 



  • Hey and welcome Systops!

    For the Discord server - you only need to react to a message in #rules to get access to the server. That's to help cut down on bot spam Slight smile

    Your post on hardware upgrades was fine in that group! Happy to have you with us Smiley