What is your preferred way to backup your system?

what is your preferred way to back up your files? Are you more into backing up your stuff on a cloud? An external hard drive? Or an m.2 enclosure? Lastly, why is that preferred method of backing up your files?

Personally I have my files backed up on an external hard drive and more recently started using a m.2 enclosure.

  • I have 2 Seagate external SSD drives.  Only really need one, but I don’t trust just the one so I have a backup to the backup. 

  • We use external HDDs & a thumb drive kept in a safe for the most sensitive data.

  • I use 2 HDDs & store in a safe spot. I'd like to find a way to keep a copy off site, just for extra security.

  • Mainly an external hard drive. No cloud, or automated processes, just a good old fashioned hardware based solution.

  • I use Carbonite cloud backup.

  • I don't do a total backup.  I backup key files to an external SSD Drive.

  • I do keep a few selected files on Cloud, but local is way better. Just make sure you have at least 2 HDDs with the same backups for redundancy and test them every once in a while. Otherwise you may find yourself someday with a faulty HDD and no backup.

  • I have a small 512gb sad that keeps only my OS, that gets cloned on another ssd that is in the desktop. 
    got a 2tb SSD that keeps all my files.  That he’s locally backed up on another ssd in the desktop. 
    both these are in case of drive failure. 
    Have three 4tb hard drives in the desktop that are storage for things that don’t need to run fast. Movies, music…those don’t have an internal backup. 

    then, everything gets cloned (the OS/system files) and backed up once a month onto a set a physical drives that a stored in the house in a secure waterproof and fire resistant box. 

    have another set of drives that is kept at a friends house. That I get every three months and back everything up. 

    then have 100gb of cloud that just backups you continuously if a couple folders of things that I wouldn’t want to lose in the 30 days between backups  

    Everything is encrypted. I have no theoretical problem with cloud for everything. It’s just more cost effective to have triplicate drives than paying for 10+ TB of cloud. The problem is, I would rather pay for physical drives. That I own, than pissing away money to cloud every year. 

    also, with cloud. Trying to download 10+tb of files takes forever!! 

  • External thumb drives.   Never leave them connected.   

  • I would prefer backing up to an SSD or the cloud through a company like Dropbox