What is your preferred way to backup your system?

what is your preferred way to back up your files? Are you more into backing up your stuff on a cloud? An external hard drive? Or an m.2 enclosure? Lastly, why is that preferred method of backing up your files?

Personally I have my files backed up on an external hard drive and more recently started using a m.2 enclosure.

  • I have an external Seagate 5TB Ultra Touch HDD

  • i use a wd 4tb external hardrive to back up my system once a month

  • Backblaze offline backup.

  • Bah, I can't bring myself to trust the cloud for anything that may contain any kind of data that may be either sensitive or of a personal nature. It's safer and more secure to keep it offline. I just use external hard drives to create system image backups as well as a medium to organize files and serve as a data archive. It's just an easy and simple solution that doesn't require a more complex setup or configuration. I was considering perhaps setting up a NAS (network attached storage) solution at some point though and configuring a Raspberry Pi to be the server.

  • After all these years, Synctoy still works like a charm.
    Hook up the external drive and run "All Folder Pairs".
    Done and done.

  • I usually don't have a backup

  • offline external backup just seems the way to go, cloud nice for temporary stuff.

  • I use external hard drives, and lately just started using Windows software to run it, after having issues with the software the drives come with.

  • I prefer to keep my backups local and use an 5TB Portable HDD to first do a Full backup with Macrium Reflect, then I have incremental backups daily.  I keep about 30-40 incrementals in a folder on the HDD, then start a new full backup in a new folder about every 30-40 days.   It has worked good for me.  In my situation I would be concerned using an SSD because of the frequent writes, is why I went with the external drive.