What is your preferred way to backup your system?

what is your preferred way to back up your files? Are you more into backing up your stuff on a cloud? An external hard drive? Or an m.2 enclosure? Lastly, why is that preferred method of backing up your files?

Personally I have my files backed up on an external hard drive and more recently started using a m.2 enclosure.

  • I have everything on a 4 drive NAS setup as Raid-10. Once a month I still dump to blu-ray and an additional USB drive that goes in my fire safe. I also back up some content to an online provider who claims it is encrypted.

  • External hard drives for me. The cloud is interesting but I don't known that I trust it completely plus depending on how much space you need and what service you use, it's like adding another subscription you have to pay for each month/year.

  • I've used a NAS for several years and couldn't happier with it.

  • For critical data, I back up to cloud and local NAS. You need to use multiple replications & locations if the data is that important. For non-critical data, cloud is good enough for me.

  • I always back up locally on an external hard drive.

  • I go two routes - important, irreplaceable stuff is backed up locally and on the cloud. Less important stuff that I can download again reasonably easily is just mirrored locally. It's worked out pretty well so far.

  • Cloud backup and an external drive back up for files! :) Need both!