DNA Test

Has anyone done their DNA test, and found more surprises than expected?

  • I did my DNA test, because I am a chimera born with two DNA, I wanted to see if they show up, but no only one shows up. As it was explained to me, a body part or two might still have the other one DNA, but the blood stream will only have one.

    When I was born my Chimerism show up in the blood stream, so I was given a full blood transfusion, in those days they where not sure of the results of all of it, they expected me to die or to have mental issues. I survive with lots of health problems, most consider invisible conditions. What an adventure is to live.

  • I would like to get one done just out of curiosity. I'd like to know how much it costs and what info does it reveal?

  • Did you do it through a clinic or one of those at-home kits? I’ve  always wanted to do one out of curiosity but not sure which one to do.

  • I'd like to know, but I won't voluntarily take a DNA test unless & until all privacy concerns are allayed completely & irreversibly. It would smply leave my family, especially my descendents vulnerable to any nefarious uses by future employers, insurance companies, government, etc.

    Privacy is becoming one of the vital issues of the 21st century.

  • I found out that my grandfather that I never knew was a baker. And so am I!

  • Yes have had done.  Surprised that 99% of my ancestors are from the same probably 100 square mile area in Europe.

  • Most of my family has done the Family Tree DNA testing.   I did it because I was adopted and limited info about paternal and maternal ancestry.  My wife did it to see the percentage of native DNA that she has.   We had our youngest tested because we adopted her out of the foster care system and were interested to know her country of origin.   

    I don't really like having our DNA info out there for sale now, knowing what I do about how they use it.    Kind of too late.

  • A friend's dog got her DNA and we were very impressed with the mix!

  • This is the only reason I haven't done one even though I am interested. It is information that is too personal and open to abuse and if one thing is clear it is that companies and agencies don't always have your best interest at heart. Big $$ tend to win over ethics nowadays.

  • Most surprising thing for my wife was that her mom's side of the family always identified strongly as Scottish. Last name even has a castle with the same name in Scotland... turns out she's 3/4 German/French.