What game do you have a ton of play time on, but find it hard to recommend to others?

A friend and I were having this conversation, and his answer was Rocket League. Not that it's a bad game, but it is something that sucks you in (can confirm after 2,000+ hours myself). What does everyone think?

  • "Dark star one " is my guilty pleasure. It's just that it's one of the firs games that I got my hands on as a child and it has imprinted me so badly I love revisiting it not that it's gameplay is great but just for the sake of those memories 

  • Eve Online, this game will have you commit hundreds of hours in order for you to have good ships and weapons.

  • Dead by Daylight because it can be annoying to level up all the perks and pay for all the DLC characters you want

  • Warframe, because the grind wall goes on for too long for new players to experience narrative master pieces like The Second Dream, and I feel regret for those who cannot bear the grind Disappointed.

  • I played Jade Dynasty (a Chinese MMO) for 8+ years, clocking in roughly 4 active hours daily (minimum.) My health improved once the game died *cough*

  • yeah, but gotta loved chasing suvivors as Wraith or Michael Myers.

  • League of Legends! It's my most played game but man, the toxicity and learning curve make it so hard for new players...

  • As for me, these are the Pillars of eternity and Tyranny