Technology from a movie or a TV show.

What technology from a movie or a TV show, you would love to see created in real life?

  • In 1997 there was this show called Earth Final Conflict, that had this portal stations, that could take you any ware you wanted to go.

  • It would most likely be from the anime show sword art online vr gaming..I think that's what I'd like to see..

  • Cloning and transferring consciousness to new bodies. That would be cool, but unfortunately only for the richest people. 

  • Teleportation. The ultimate human achievement along with mind reading.

  • Probably the transporter device from Star Trek.  Could you just imagine how quick you could be on a beach somewhere and then magically back home?  As long as it put you back together correctly!

  • Teleporter from Star Trek.  Maybe whatever Tom Cruise was using in Minority Report?

  • Either teleporter/teleportation or wormholes/warp speed space travel.

  • You know that Black Mirror episode with Anthony Mackie...yea that. I want to be able to enter a game and become the character I'm playing. 

  • The ability to jack into another reality. as in the Matrix (and many others). We're probably not too far off, so...yay?

  • replicator and teleportation from Star Trek