Summer games

What are your goto games for summer? 

  • Don't really have specific games for different seasons. I mean if it is miserably hot, something with water areas or snow areas, just to pretend I am feeling cold.

  • I can play Apex Legends at any time

  • Nintendo switch specifically Mario kart.

  • I usually just play a game until I finish or tire of it. When the kids were young, we'd play Mario Karts & Mario Party & the like. Not so much now. 

  • No specific games for specific seasons. I trophy hunt, try to fully complete a game, & move on unless I replay or play with others. 

  • 7 Days to Die was my summer game this year. It’s so addictive and was fun to stay out of the heat! Plus the update for Alpha 21 was timed perfectly for summer playtime. 

  • I usually don't play video games because summertime is family time. Winters are when I get through my back catalog. 

  • The game that reminds me the most about summer is Donkey Kong 64

  • Don't laugh but my casual game on the phone is Candy Crush.

  • Still trying to work on God of War 2, with the ac cranked up