What is one game you love but most computers cannot handle?

Can be any sort of game that you love but is difficult to have smooth gameplay on most computers.

  • i'd like to Starfiled on 60 fps on my PC but most systems can't handle it

  • i think Cyberpunk path traced version

  • Definitely Starfield, I have seen gameplay only for this title, have not actually played and it does look pretty enjoyable. The problem is, on my device even if I were to crank it down to low settings I still would be getting 30 fps at most according to benchmark videos, not the kind of experience I would want to have on that game and would not be worth the money because of it.

  • Minecraft mostly, my laptop is such a potato even BATIM had trouble running and man ive been dying to to play balders gate but HA THATS NOT HAPPENING! Nit unless i buy a new laptop/ps5 or xbox 8\ which is a bummer as id like to escape consol game hell. 

  • i guess Call of Duty and Crises