What sort of processor do you prefer? Intel or Ryzen?

I personally lean towards intel, not just because it’s better but because my grandfather has been involved in the company in the past. But what are your guy’s preferred brand?

  • For laptop Ryzen. for desktop don't really care

  • Intel for me personally because i have an i9 but im sure i would like AMD aswell.

  • I have always used intel, even way back since Windows XP. I am not opposed to using AMD though, I'm more concerned with the performance I am getting per dollar. As far as I know, AMD is just as stable now as intel, but on PlayStation which uses AMD I have occasionally experienced issues like crashing or completely freezing up on the home screen. Not sure if this has anything to do with AMD though.

  • Intel but it really doesn't matter to me I guess. 

  • I prefer intel just because it seems to be better for work. If I just had to focus on a pure gaming setup, I would go for AMD. 

  • I've been using Intel CPUs for a long, long time. I never did care much for the older AMDs CPU sockets. I'm glad they went with LGA for Zen 4, but I stayed away from using them for now. I'll just wait to see how Zen 5 CPUs turns out.

  • It's kinda a toss up. AMD

  • I've only used Intel PCs, but I would definitely use an AMD based system too.