Console gaming vs PC gaming

So having been a console gamer most of my life, and still prefer console gaming with friends, I got a question: How did some of you transition to PC gaming? It is cool to be able to access games that I used to play and to access some games that are only on PC, but getting used to keyboard/mouse gaming has been a unique learning curve. Any tips to help adjust would be awesome. 

  • Play on PC with a controller. Joy. Jokes aside, I play both, but have started gaming on PC this year now that I have a PC for it. If the game supports controller I'll play it that way. I'm not good with mouse and keyboard, but the best advice I can give is to keep practicing, but start with indie and less intense games to help build the muscle-mind connection for using WASD. "Out of Order" is a low cost game ($5.99 on Steam, but I got it on sale so keep an eye out for that) that is only MnK. Once you become comfortable and build the hand strength/dexterity try moving up to a game that's a bit more demanding. Get a wrist rest that provides enough padding for the keyboard hand and maybe a wrist rest that moves with your mouse hand (as well as having enough space for moving your mouse about your desk). Time invested will be your biggest factor, but repetition and rest will get you there in time. Good luck and have fun along the journey. Raised hands tone4Raised hands tone4

  • For FPS's? Just keep playing and adjust the mouse sensitivity as needed. It's way easier that a control stick

    Most games you can just plug in an xbox controller and go though so just do that if you want. I'm a mouse and keyboard guy but some games I still plug in a controller for, usually depends on what the game was designed to be played with.

  • Maybe pick a game or two and play only with KB and Mouse to get comfortable. I still use a controller sometimes for certain games but love KB and mouse. It will come to you as you get used to it. Also, adjust the sensitivity settings a bit as you go to make it comfortable enough. 

  • You could just stick with a controller for some games on PC, it's nice to be able to just kick back while gaming and of course will feel familiar. Eventually you may find a game where mouse and keyboard feels better to you and more accurate than controller, once that happens you can practice mouse/keyboard gameplay through that game. That's what my experience was at least. 

  • Mini PC with a good video card, controller, keyboard for longer typing and a comfortable spot in front of the TV would make your change much better. 

  • Can use controller at times. and practice will help with keyboard and mouse.  Also may have to find the right mouse and keyboard that best fits you.  will also depend on types of games and if you played them before on console.  Playing for example fortnight, human fall flat, tomb raider or fall guys with a keyboard/mouse on pc would be a big difference to on console with controller.

  • I used to mostly play on Console. Now it depends on what I am playing, I started gaming more on PC with games that weren't available on Console (mainly Star Trek Online, which is now on console, but I'd have to start completely over). Though for games that I originally played on console, I still prefer using a controller even on my PC. So you can always just get a controller for your PC (or use an existing one if it will work).

  • I guest PC since you call play more games than any console will ever do.

  • I grew up on all diff controllers. I grew up in the arcade in the 80s, so I prefer joysticks for fighting and beat em up games. For FPS games, I had a PC in the 90s for Doom, so I prefer Mouse and Keyboard, which is far more precise and doesn't move in "steps" with analog sticks. U may find u like it more after some adjustment

  • Hi  

    Great question! You are at the right place to ask this question. I often played, and still do, video games on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. These experiences have been amazing in the sense that when I am on the console, I feel like I'm in an alternative universe where I have plugged into something different. I also rarely experienced glitches or delays in the performance, with the exception of when the CDs had scratches or when the devices were hot or old.

    Now, since I started playing on the computer more and more, I realized that the performance that a computer (PC) gives one when it comes to certain games cannot be matched with gaming consoles. For example, let's say you are playing a fairly new game like Fortnite and you need to build "stuff" like  walls, ramps, and stairs around yourself while maintaining your load-out, keeping an eye on the map, checking on your teammates, etc... if you are using a well-built PC (mid-high tier) and great mouse and keyboards, then you can bind your devices so that certain buttons and keys perform specific tasks. This will not only save you a boat load of time but also headache as well as FPS in the game. Your overall experience will also be much more pleasant down the line.

    Anyhow, I still have both a PC and gaming consoles; however, I mainly use the console for hanging out with friends and playing social games, such as Fifa, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Cart, GTA, etc.

    Hope this helps, if so please upvote :) Cheers.