What was the most disappointing game you paid for not a gift?

  • Metroid: Other M. Game play just wasn't as polished as what I expected from a metroid game. And that plot. The less said the better.

  • RDR 2022 .. biggest mistake..

  • Madden 23. Mostly because I purchased it and then got GamePass and didn't need to spend the money on it and then they wouldn't refund it. I haven't really played it because controls just felt so wonky compared to some of the older Madden games I used to play. 

  • Yakuza Like A Dragon. Definitely wasn't worth the price I paid for it.

  • Maybe a bit of a rant in this answer but it would be Black Desert Online. This game did not bring anything special to the table over similar games to it that were free to play. Not only that, it brought the same micro transactions that similar free to play MMOs bring but in a $20 game. The main factor in deciding whether or not to agree to my friends asking me to get the game was the really cool looking hack and slash like gameplay which would be unique to the genre, but it turned out to not be accessible until having beaten the game and leveling up a ton. Thing is, at the time I got the game to level up you need to complete quests which sometimes would take ages to do since everyone can kill the enemy you need and they took forever to spawn back in. Still wish I could refund it.

  • Maximum College Football for PS4. It was supposed to be a NCAA Replacement but it didn't have the same appeal.

  • I had to convince a friend to stop playing it as he'd either dump a lot of money into it or leave it up on his PC all day lol

  • Artifact. Such a shame.

  • some people are going to hate me but i didn't like star wars knights of the old republic, i okay for 30 minutes and i install the game, it wasn't a problem because i get it in discount but still it was disappointing