Best Mods For GTA 5


Please mention any good mods for GTA 5 and where to get them.. i usually use Nexus mods for GTA 5 and other games.. i like the zombie spawner mod and wheather mod.. any mods which adds alot of different vehicles.. thanks

  • The one that add more cars to your inventory.

  • Have you tried realistic mod

  • I second the realistic mod

  • Realistic mode... will check it out thanks for recommending it....i used Simple Trainer for GTA mod to spawn different cars and so many other stuff .. you guys can need check it out..

  • The Realistic mode is awesome to play.

  • I haven't played with mods, but I do like watching playthroughs with chaos mods. I mean it looks frustrating as hell, but fun from a viewing standpoint. I think if I do install it again, I might try chaos just for a little bit.