Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is this any good when gaming... worth the price... what is the best wireless and Bluetooth mouse... connecting to tv or any other device is it any good...should i buy this.. thanks

  • I think for me is to small, I will try a bigger mouse, but I guess if your hand are small it be OK.

  • I really like this Lenovo Legion M600s QI Wireless Charging Mouse.


  • Have a Logitech mouse, it's been lasting forever & a day..Don't really play alot of games on my laptop...

  • I usually trust Logitech when it comes to mice. Although, I have been using the newer Razer Basilisk v3 and it's held up fairly well for a few years now.

  • Yes, this one should be good.  I throw in my vote of confidence....

  • I think its a good all arounder. Its not great for competitive or quick reflex gaming, but more than enough for casual multiplayer just having fun gaming. I use gaming mouse, but a generic bluetooth keyboard and I can sometimes feel the lag on my keyboard inputs, but never for my mouse inputs. 

  • Logitech is a good brand. I don't know anything about this model though.

  • I've used Logitech & others. Cheap ones are fine for surfing. Higher end ones I save for gaming. Of those my best ones have been those that fit more ergonoically than others. 

  • I have the MX Anywhere 2S and MX Master 2 and they are both two of my favorite mice I've ever owned. I'm using the Anywhere 2 right now on my laptop. I don't know that I'd recommend it over a full size mouse for gaming, though I use mine when gaming on my laptop remotely. But you definitely lose a lot in way of precision, DPI adjustability and programmable keys by going with either of these two mice for gaming.

    But if you're only a casual gamer and don't plan on using it intensely, and mostly use the computer for other stuff or work, it might be okay, the Master especially. The ability for them to switch between multiple connected computers at the press of a button makes them my go to mice because I switch between my home personal/gaming desktop, work laptop and work computer quite often.

  • Their wireless mice are great. I'd take a regular office mouse of theirs over a gaming specific one from someone else.