Back from Leave! - AMA with Ben (Lenovo CM)

Hey Legion Community!

After an amazing 4-month parental leave, I'm finally back at work today in my role as Senior Community Manager for Legion/Lenovo EDU Slight smile I've missed you all!

I wanted to provide this quick update as I've seen a lot of questions about where I've been recently. I'm extremely grateful for Lenovo's phenomenal benefits program, I truly love working here. I've made some memories with my son that I'll treasure forever. And now, I'm pumped to get back to growing our amazing communities and hosting awesome events!

Speaking of - what sorts of events, giveaways, or content would you like to see in the future in this community? Is it livestreams, game days, product deep dives, interviews, giveaways, or maybe something else? Or, have another unrelated question for me? Drop it below!

(P.S. - shoutout  and   for covering in my absence, they're the best!) 

  • Welcome back! You've been missed!

    I think a lot of members would love to see new Legion Go and Legion 9i giveaways. And the return of game dev interview livestreams with giveaways and weekly key giveaways on community would also be nice as well.

    I'd also like to see more coverage of VR/XR.

    And yes, a big shoutout to Kelie and Daniel for holding down the fort while you were gone!

  • Glad to see you back. I enjoyed seeing your music streams during your break Heart

    I really want to see more developer interviews. 

  • Welcome back! Giveways! LOL - everyone likes free stuff, especially from a brand that we support!

  • Appreciate that! I might add some guitar on Legion streams every so often Slight smile

    Dev interviews are definitely in the works again, as are Legion staff interviews!

  • Thanks Gandar! Have no fear, picking out our next month of giveaways as we speak Slight smile

  • Thanks Richie!! 

    Definitely planning some Go giveaways, even 2x a month if I can swing it - probably won't be until November though since they're not quite ready yet. And we do have some cool key giveaways in the works already Slight smile

    VR/XR coverage is a cool idea! Would love to try out our new Legion Glasses, and especially hit VR in Cctober with some spooky games...

  • Welcome back Ben. We missed you too! Nothing beats quality time with family and the precious moments you have with them. I am really intrigued by the Lenovo Go and would absolutely love to see a giveaway for it. Game dev interviews and game giveaways would also be great additions. 

  • Definitely agree on family time! Giveaways for the Go are in the works, hopefully starting in November Slight smile Appreciate the feedback!

  • Welcome back  !  Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your son.  Look forward to what Legion Gaming Community has in store in the coming months.  Slight smile

  • Oh congrats for the new family member! Welcome back!