Keeping Legion 7 Cool

Hey Friends,

I just a Legion 7 last month for gaming purposes but also because I run pretty substantive statistical software and naturally, the power from this laptop would aid in that work. My question is, what set-ups do you all have to help keep the system cool? Presently, I have a six fan stand under the laptop and have it raised to facilitate air flow. I have the built-in system fan set to automatic so it can adjust as necessary. I have a stand fan blowing onto the computer as well as have no obstructions preventing air flow around the system. The system is not in the sunlight and the central air is set to 75 degrees F. Despite all of this, it is still running hot. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to reduce the temperature? I want the system to last for a while, to work to the best of its ability, and not to be hot to the touch on the keyboard. I greatly appreciate you all! 

jaimers215 the statistical gamer

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