I think people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view.

I spent about 6+ hours going through all of the top forums available on this community. I have a feeling that people post here for the points or the sweepstakes. Change my view. 

  • I think it's a mixture of legitimate posts that are informative and interesting with some of the point/sweepstakes posts.  Now, which one is this one I wonder....l?

  • The engagement for them is nice I'm sure. But I find some interesting topics to discuss on here. It's not necessarily all about the sweepstakes.

  • A few months ago, I did that for a few posts and then I soon realized that just posting for points reduces the quality of our community as a whole which can effect each one of us individually. Hence, since then, I only respond if my words have substance in them. In other words, if I feel like my post will not help someone or give a good input/feedback, then I refrain from making unnecessary posts.

    Start the change with yourself. Be the leader. I did it and it feels great!

  • I started to post on here for one of the sweepstakes but afterwards I started using this site more than reddit just to hear opinions and to give out mine. Of course there's definitely people on here for the sweepstakes but I think there's a mixture because I feel like there would be more lower effort comments if it was mostly people entering for sweepstakes or trying to max out points. The points are nice but it isn't much to gain if you use them each time you get the surprise $15. I think there's plenty of people on here that actually use it for fun and opinions.

  • Surprise $15. I am obsessed with this. I keep getting them. Does everyone? Just got one the other day. Got 4 total. Every 6 weeks or so. Anyone can answer

    To the topic- I get no points or sweepstakes entries or anything for this post. Genuine quest for information. Also, I refuse to change your mind. That is the sole motivation for many.

  • I agree that there are a lot of these but some are genuine as the OP posts follow ups and such. I’ve also seen some asking for help here and there. 

  • I'm not a frequent forum user, and I do post for points, however I do like engaging with certain posts, especially when I create them

  • Sure some of it is.  There are also many informative, help, or opinion posts as well.  Also seems to be well run and polite community of pc aficionados.

  • I do like getting the points for the sweepstakes (although I've never won!) but I do like the conversations and as an older person, I find that I am learning a lot about gaming.  My son is very into gaming and some of the things he talks about I really don't know much about.  So it helps me in that regard because it helps me have more of an interest in what he is telling me and understand what he is talking about!

  • I think yes for most people but the quality of posts differ for different people. I think Ben or whoever in charge does look at the profile when drawing for winners.