Anybody have any good laptop sleeves I could get to protect my Legion 5i pro?

(It’s 16” I think). Cause once you scratch that plastic or metal or whatever, it ain’t going away. Ever.

  • That is very interesting, you mean recommendations?

    • Jansport has great sleeves for laptops.
  • There used to be some great DIY ones on some crafting forums- I just was too lazy to make them. They used neopreen if I remember correctly. Etsy has some fun ones as well. Or just get the basic plain sleeves from Amazon

  • Amazon Basics has a decent sleeve for a good price.

  • I've reused sleeves from other laptops before. Except for those neoprene sleeves. Got a couple of those as conference swag & don't care for them at all.

  • You can find many on Ebay, Amazon, and Aliexpress....   Under $10...   Neoprene ones are soft, light and offer protection from scratches; but not from a 10 foot drop!  LOL

  • I do believe that lenovo carries sleeves and protectors...

  • I haven't checked specifically for the Legion 5I Pro, but has a really good selection of skins and sleeves for all types of devices.  You might check them out.  They also run monthly giveaways if you are interested.

  • I have an amazon basics for my 15 inch and it works good.

  • Good recommendations here. I agree regarding Amazon Basics and Ebay.