Anybody have any good laptop sleeves I could get to protect my Legion 5i pro?

(It’s 16” I think). Cause once you scratch that plastic or metal or whatever, it ain’t going away. Ever.

  • I really don't like laptops that can't handle daily use without becoming unduly worn or gathering blemishes. It's like the designers forgot to talk to the engineers or something. Just stupid.

  • I use Amazon sleeves and they work fine.  You could also use skins and there are a lot on Etsy.

  • I've never tried a laptop sleeve before, so I'm very interested in hearing what others think in this thread.

  • Some real good info in here. Thanks.

  • I have a Targus that is over a decade old and is still in great condition. I remember it being a little pricey back in the day but I got one of the better quality models. I also bought a Lenovo sleeve when I bought my Legion which for the price was a great deal. It isn't as bulky as my Targus and has less padding. I use my Targus when traveling on flight or the train and use my Lenovo sleeve for casual excursions like trip to coffee shop, library or to work.

  • Jansport is a solid brand. I have never had any of their sleeves but have had two of their backpacks. I used to hike a lot when I was younger and my Jansport backpack held up well.

  • I got this Case Logic sleeve with memory foam for my 14" ThinkPad X1 Yoga. The foam seems good enough to protect the laptop's case from any minor accidental bumps into solid objects. Here's a link to the 15.6" version... It's a nice dark blue color. I picked it up at Staples. Micro Center had a good selection of laptop sleeves also. Good luck Thumbsup

  • I like to go on Amazon, search the size, type, etc. and then sort by price and average review. From there I tend to look at items in my price range with a lot of reviews and read a few to see if they are legit. With a laptop sleeve I would look at well know brands first probably (Jansport, Amazon Basics, Belkin).