If given the opportunity, will you travel to space?

  • I will love to go to space if given a chance.

  • Sure, Id travel to space if given the chance. But living in space is a different story if we had the technology to develop space colonies without the support of earth.

  • As long as I can come back safely, then yes! Without hesitation. 

  • Depends on the method of travel. If we have zero-point energy spacecraft with no g-forces at all, absolutely I would go to space. But if it's on a rocket with rocket fuel, hell no.

  • Probably not, perhaps when such travel becomes commonplace.

  • If and only if the risks are negligible.    Can't leave my wife and kids without me.

  • If we're talking best case scenarios, absolutely.  Preferably flying one of those tiny spaceships from Independence Day that Will Smith flew up to the mothership lol

  • I am rather ambivalent on this. And it would also very much depend on the tech.
    I would not want to pay an outrageous amount of money to just  basically take what amounts to a bus or plane to spend a few minutes, or even hours in orbit.
    I would much rather donate that money (if I had it in the first place) to science institutions that could use it to do research. Like it helping to maintain/build/run telescopes...Or whatever they needed. Not even necessarily space related.
    Now, if I were a scientist and was able to do applicable research in space I would love it.

  • oof - tough question! 'Travel to space' as in with the tech we have now? or when it's safe or perceived to safe?

  • It would seem un real. Would I like to yes for sure!  But I couldn’t do it I would seriously be too scared that something would go wrong. Ive never even been on a plane lol. Not because I don't want to though. Just never had to.