Desktop Customization

Just to share my desktop setup



Rainmeter theme (Mond) :


  • Looks great! TY for sharing.

  • Those are nice wallpaper I will like a software or window to allow individual wall paper per screen, That will be nice.

  • I try TranslucentTB,I like it.

  • Love the 2nd background, nice and clean! No desktop icons make a huge difference!

  • Wallpaper Engine on Steam can do that :) 

  • Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  • Nice..Really like..Use steam as well..

  • OOoo they look nice. I really like the space ones for sure.

  • Those look really nice. I especially like the 2nd one/the circle/stargate looking one. It's nice and uncluttered and it would make it easy to see any desktop shortcuts.

  • Nice wallpapers, cool color combo.