AI Good Use?

I just noticed that Amazon is now using AI to generate a paragraph summary of customer reviews, including common complaints. That's new, seems quite useful, is flagged as AI-generated, and isn't depriving anyone of a job, since they never had these summaries before. Of course, it could use a grammar/comma edit, but it's clear enough. What do you think of this use of AI? 

  • I have a browser extension called Fakespot which does similar work. I can even filter on Amazon (so far) ratings that are the highest and omit anything with the worst (which would be an F rating). Does a decent job analyzing for deception and adjusts the average rating on the product to a more accurate one.

  • The issue is that there is nothing to stop Amazon from artificially boosting certain posts into favorable reviews with that AI. I like the idea but I would like for the model to be open source.