Does anyone here play the Yakuza/Like A Dragon series?

Randomly thought about this but I don't see much chatter on here about Yakuza/Like A Dragon so I gotta ask.

Do you play them? If so, What's your favorite and least favorite game? Are you interested or hyped for the next games like Gaiden and Y8? 

I'm interested in seeing your thoughts. Thought balloon 

  • Thanks for contests. Good notebook with perfect performance

  • My favorite is Yakuza 0 while my least favorite is Judgement. I'm excited for Infinite Wealth, but I think this series is really just for the fans. There hasn't been much advertising that I have seen that is aimed at those unfamiliar with this series. 

  • I own most of them, but they're in my backlog. I keep meaning to play them, but then I wait and another one comes out.

  • Yakuza is really a video game adaptation of a tv drama series. The story went deeper than expected. Best part were the fun minigames you could do between missions. Not really a fan of the new turn based style, liked the free-flowing combat from before. Would be interested in the new games, but unfortunately would be added to the backlog.

  • Yakuza 0 is my favorite too. I don't mind Judgement but I can say it's really slow to get into though.  

  • Understandable I only finished the most of the games this year since 2018

  • I agree! I'm not a big fan of Yakuza 7 as a whole for many reasons but 8 looks a bit better with combat so I'm interested in trying it out. Gaiden is what I'm really excited about though.

  • I am also on the Yakuza 0 bandwagon. I have Judgement in my backlog but haven't had time to play it. I did try the demo when it came out and it seemed interesting. I also really liked Yakuza 5 which would be my second favorite. I am kind of looking forward to Gaiden, hoping something fresh gets introduced into the story and combat but still keeping integrity of the originals.

  • I got Like A Dragon on my backlog look fun and funny. It is on my player later on Gamepass don't even know if still available on Gamepass, but still want to play it one day.

  • I picked up the earlier Yakuza games in a GOG bundle a few months back, but have yet to play. Feedback here makes me think I should fire the first one up!