New here so hello!

Just bought my 3rd lenovo legion.  I actually managed to snag one new at the height of the shortages a couple years ago.. it has a 5800h, 32 gigs of DDR4, 2tb m.2 and a 3070 with 6 gigs dedicated vram for $800... Not too bad especially when the shortages ended and I saw lower spec laptops selling for double.

Latest but is nothing fancy, Ryzen 7000 and a 4060, it's not a legion.  Only dislike about both is the touch pad and HDR never working but other than that I think Lenovo won a customer for life.  It will depend on how my repair goes.

Usually I game on PC.  I also game on console so I guess I just game anywhere.  I actually just reset my outgoing PC to see if anything is wrong since it was being odd despite passing every hardware test.  Right click crashes explorer and so does left clicking a large file.  Odd and no fixed worked.  First time I didn't make a clean system image after installing all the basics but...I don't plan on having it long.  I wanna build the new one 

  • Welcome to the crew!! Solid model Slight smile

    What games are you looking to try out on it?

  • Wow, that first model sounds like an excellent buy! I ususally do not use laptop touchpads unless absolutley necessary. I prefer the preciseness of a mouse. GLHF

  • Welcome! And nice computers. <3

  • Sounds like you made a good purchase

  • Congratulation! I hope you enjoy your Lenovo Legion, I find them to be great and long lasting.

  • Congratulations and welcome! You made an excellent purchase!

  • Nice! Sounds like you did great with that Legion score!

  • Nice 3rd Legion, hope it works and lasts you well.

  • Welcome and be sure to take advantage of all the great freebies and contests on the site!