Lenovo Legion Y740-17IRH Failed in Less Than Two Years

I purchased my Lenovo Legion Y740-17IRH on December 06, 2019 and I really, really was impressed with it. Today, I learned it needs a new main board at a cost of $1500. This machine was gently used. I contacted support and no help has been offered. I am astonished by the lack of quality and assistance.

  • Lenovo told you it would cost 1500 for a board replacement? That's high dollar right there. That's actually more than buying a new one with updated hardware. Sounds like you should escalate and see if someone else gives you a different answer if i'm honest; does not sound like the rep knew what they were talking about. 

  • @re@ I have taken the laptop to two Lenovo service centers. One indicated they couldn't fix it and the other indicated today that the main board needs replacement. The second service center indicated it would be $2600 for parts and labor. I contacted Lenovo support today and they said that they couldn't help and that the cost for replacement would be $1500. In Canada, the laptop new was $2100 on sale.

    I'm shocked that I'm not being offered any assistance. The laptop looks new and was not abused.

  • Sorry To Hear that