How's everyone enjoying Starfield?

For those who got the game and played it, how's Starfield? Personally, I feel that's a fun game, but it feels like Skyrim in a space setting with much better graphics.

Unfortunately feels like the same old problems occur, bugs, and similar playstyle using the same old engine (Maybe it's time to use Unreal?). It's a fun game with mods (kind of required, especially to cut down on loading screens), but maybe not game of the year. 

What are your thoughts? And for those that haven't picked up the game, are you interested? 

  • I like the idea but I wish they had fewer worlds and instead expanded each world better with larger hand crafted areas. Also, not a fan of seeing loading screens every few mins

  • I have not try, but I hear it needs work. I will like to try to find out myself.

  • not that great.. its not that good...

  • Played for a week and lost interest unfortunately.  Thankfully I had gamepass and didn't have to fully pay for the game.

  • I am really enjoying it so far. It is so immersive and i love exploring everything

  • HAve not played, but also interested in other's replies and comments.   Sad to see the negative thoughts above, but hopefully they will fix any problems soon.

  • I don't have time for open world but I did get the premium version free when I bought my new GPU the other day. If anyone wants to take it off my hands, let me know, though I believe it requires an AMD hardware verification. 

  • Wait they were giving away the premium version with a purchase of a GPU? That's interesting!

  • I have rather enjoyed it and have not experienced any bugs that I’m aware of yet. It runs great on my 3060ti PC at medium/highish settings with the DLSS mod. I am looking forward to getting deeper into it later this week when I hand some time off. 

  • I am just getting back into gaming as a bit of a leisure relaxing hobby. I'm mostly on PS4 as that is the console I have. I didn't even have online play for a long time because I didn't use it that much. Online I always liked playing Starcraft and a few others growing up but as a huge space nerd in general I think this would be a great game to get into I just feel that maybe I don't have the time. I'll have to youtube it more to find out what the game is about really. It sounds like there is a lot of ship building but I'd be interested if you can build bases on each planet you visit and such and whether or not there is like a SIMS type of aspect where you can build and come back to look at the planet later on or maybe make money as in (in game money) off of investments