Holiday Decorations! Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Straight to Christmas?

My family puts our Halloween decorations out on Oct 1st, Thanksgiving on Oct 30th-ish, and Christmas after the leftovers are gone.  Grin

Some neighbors in my hood have already put out Christmas deco.   ????

What are your feelings on this?

  • I had a conversation with one of the early Christmas decoration families and they have already put up 20 Christmas trees!   Seriously, I was stunned.   I had no idea that was a thing.    I couldn't afford the power bill even with them being LED lights, let alone paying for the trees and decorations.....   That has to be over 20,000 lights.

  • I don't decorate my house, and I don't have opinions on how ppl decorate theirs. It's great that they have the time and energy to celebrate all the holidays, and we should be the judge unless we're giving out prizes.

  • All of these holidays seem to blur. Some already have Christmas deco out.  

  • I wonder if it's a genuinely US thing to make a season out of Halloween. I get that loads of folks enjoy it all, & I've seen it grow from just a day for trick or treating as a kid to weeks' long activities.

    Christmas on the other hand is a season, but BEGINS on Xmas Day. Instead most folks I know decoate around Thanksgiving (some delay until at least Advent) & are quick to "de-decorate" just as the actual season of Xmas begins. 

    In both cases, it appears that excess wins the day too -- more decorations, more candy, scariest costumes, blood+gore+guts, etc. or with Christmas: most Xmas trees, biggest light display, expensive gifts, extravegant parties, etc. 

    Seems to me, captialsm in the US has crept into religious holydays, inverting them for its own purposes. 

    Or is it like this in countries outside the US? 

  • We have CCR's where I live and our HOA is pretty strict. While I love decorating and decorations, I do prefer we keep things relevant to the season (ie Halloween oct, Thanksgiving,fall Nov, Christmas Dec, etc) We currently have a fall theme going. We'll start adding Halloween in the coming weeks. Then take those down first week of Nov and add more fall Thanksgiving type decorations. 

  • We don't really decorate as much here, but that sounds about right. Although I wish Halloween lasted until the end of the year, because I hate Christmas. 

  • I love putting up general fall decorations and then switching to Christmas after Thanksgiving!

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    I think of keeping things simple, but my mom takes over the decorations at my house and she loves to decorate for each holiday, especially as she loves skulls and that is always decorated throughout the house all year long.

  • Straight to Christmas and all the presents and family all together.

  • I don't need to put out decorations, I'm festive inside.... Slight smile