Harry Potter Chamber of Secret Game

Hey Y'all!

Just came across an old version of the Harry Potter EA game:- Chamber of Secrets

There are some scenes that I could not go through, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any YouTube channels, websites, or blogs that specifically discuss Harry Potter games? 

Thank you!

  • This one helped me, I use it occasionally but most of the time I try to do it myself until I'm stuck then I refer to here. :)  youtu.be/poH6HrbPirs

  • I think that the guides on IGN are quite helpful. They basically give you a list of information and walkthrough for different stages:


    And also GameFAQs has textual guidance of the game and it's quite fantastic:



  • I remember my son having fun with that game. He was so afraid of getting sneaking through the library.

    Sorry though, not sure of how to help. Just thankful for the fun memory.

  • Cool !   Great to see folks playing and enjoying "old" games.  Some really good comments here too.

  • I remember trying to play that game.   It had more bugs than an abandoned house.  Good luck my friend.

  • Definitely recommend checking out GameFAQs - they should have everything you need.

    Hope you enjoy reliving old memories!

  • Wow! What a throw back. Reminds me of the era of Movie Games.

  • Check out IGN.  Whenever I look for a walkthrough, I always end up on IGN.

  • I do not know about a specific one, but I recommend Gamefaqs

  • Gamefaqs is a decent one.