Harry Potter Chamber of Secret Game

Hey Y'all!

Just came across an old version of the Harry Potter EA game:- Chamber of Secrets

There are some scenes that I could not go through, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any YouTube channels, websites, or blogs that specifically discuss Harry Potter games? 

Thank you!

  • I haven play the game Harry Potter chamber of secrets, I will love too. I will love even more to try Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Oh wow, I remember playing that game years and years ago. I thought it was pretty fun at the time, but that was back when all things Harry Potter were a little more innocent and charming. A quick internet search for “Harry Potter and the chambers of secrets game guide” came up with lots of results for Gamefaqs and IGN, so there are definitely still some old guides out there to help. Good luck!

  • I second this. IGN has pretty clear walkthroughs and tips and GameFAQs is good too. I tend to use IGN more often except for their game reviews which I ignore. I remember this game being so fun back in the day. I enjoyed Hogwarts Legacy until it got too repetitive but the world they crafted was so good it kept me chugging along to the finish.

  • Agreed. I fire up an old 80's or 90's arcade game at least twice a month and the countless RPGs like KOTOR and Elder Scrolls etc... I hope we keep game preservation as one of our priorities. It's so sad that we have lost some gems with no way to play except find a disc copy from a collector if it is affordable. It is the biggest disadvantage of the digital game era. 

  • that is a very old game 

  • GameFAQs can get you through anything, lots of solid stuff there.

  • Yes, yes, what others said: go with IGN...  Enjoy..

  • i never see any YouTube channels, websites or blogs that specifically discuss Harry Potter games. The old version of Chamber of Secrets you came across sounds fun!

  • I would check YouTube, PC game guides, and places popular before video walkthroughs were out. If it has lots of ASCII, you're at the right place. 

  • I dont know of any resources which are specific to harry potter, but I would think youtube would be a decent resource that would have HP stuff too