legion go games

so i want to know from you guys about what games you will be playing on your new legion go console. 

  • I really hope it'll be able to play PCVR games as well as Roblox. I'm pretty confident it'll be able to handle pretty much almost everything else on Steam though.

  • I will probably play games that I prefer to play with a controller, so I won't play any FPS games. I will play games like Hades, Fear and Hunger, Blasphemous, et. 

  • So far I have started up Destiny 2 and Tiny tinas wonderland. I am also interested to see ho well it can play strategy games.

  • Whenever i get one i'm definitely playing the yakuza games on it and maybe the outer worlds. I have a lot i wanna try on it so hopefully i get one soon.

  • I wiil be playing Tycoon on the system.

  • I haven't investigated what it could handle but I would love to try it and see what it can do with forza