Favorite SPOOKYTIME games

October is the best time to break out some SPOOKY games

What are your favorite scary/horror games you've played?

Any recommendations for me & others looking to try some new spooktober gamer?

  • The original F.E.A.R. was incredibly spooky and original. There have been a couple of sequels, which are pretty good too, but the first was amazing. Same with Dead Space.

  • not really into horror games but I am very exited for Back 4 Blood

  • In my opinion, Back 4 Blood doesn't apply to be horror game, I mean, it has zombies and "horror stuff" but doesn't qualify to it.

  • Hmmm I gonna say Little Nightmares 2, I have not played it, but I saw some streams and I really liked it. 

    Look that neck D:I mean, look that neck D:

  • Just tried it out yesterday! What do you think so far?

  • Still counts as a "spookytime" game though Slight smile

  • I personally just play Halloween events in games that I already play, like Apex

  • @Ben Green why did you dislike this guy's comment :(

  • I need to try that one still!