What is a game you wish they would remake or bring back into PS4, PS5 or XBOX consoles from older consoles or even PC that was never on Console?

I'm wondering which games you've played for example Banjo Kazooie (The Bear and Bird/Turkey) game on N64. It was a underrated hit in my opinion. I'm sure a lot of these games are available to download but I'm sure some are not. Another one I think that is incredibly simple but fun was Blast Corps. It was almost so boring but entertaining. More in depth games I'd like to see not only brought back but maybe on console if not already would be StarCraft.

  • A remake of goblin commander, or a proper WC3 remake.

  • How much time you got? In all seriousness, the first one to pop into my head would be Tenchu.

  • There are a few, but more than anything "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic." They've been on and off again about remaking it.

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Give me Final Fantasy Tactics on PC

  • I’d love to see a remake of the GameCube game Eternal Darkness, and then a full-fledged sequel. That’s one of my favorite games of all time! I’ve played it 3 times through and would love to see it again with better graphics, voice acting, and such to enhance all the hopping around in time between characters.

  • Really high-level Contra where you can have the option of wearing a VR set if you want and carry on with a teammate!

  • StarCraft holds a special place in my heart so I kind of agree with you there, but I feel like the logistics of it would be difficult on a console with a controller.  I do like those beat games though, like Dance Dance Revolution.  Feel like that would be pretty cool now.

  • Bloodborne with atleast 60FPS