What is a game you wish they would remake or bring back into PS4, PS5 or XBOX consoles from older consoles or even PC that was never on Console?

I'm wondering which games you've played for example Banjo Kazooie (The Bear and Bird/Turkey) game on N64. It was a underrated hit in my opinion. I'm sure a lot of these games are available to download but I'm sure some are not. Another one I think that is incredibly simple but fun was Blast Corps. It was almost so boring but entertaining. More in depth games I'd like to see not only brought back but maybe on console if not already would be StarCraft.

  • I need a remake or remaster of Bully

  • The Senna game from the Sega Genesis. An absolute masterpiece from its time and an absolute delight of a retro game to play.

  • Pac-Man.  A true classic…

  • Starcraft is the real answer.

  • Now that Metzen is back at Blizzard, maybe we will actually get a WarCraft 4. 

  • An Undying remake would be amazing imo.

  • Yea there's remasters but it's just not the same

  • I would love to play the remake of FFVIII; one of my favorites PS2 games.

  • I would genuinely love for Panzer Dragoon Orta to be available on game pass instead of just downloadable for Xbox. I don't feel the need to buy an Xbox for a handful of old games I want to play. It would be great if it got a visual update to next gen consoles (probably not), but until then I will satisfy my dragon riding with Century Age of Ashes Joy

  • I feel like I've just been wanting an Oblivion remake for the LONGEST time. To me, none of the other Elder Scrolls games compare (probably since Oblivion was my first).