[Legion] Playtesting Experience Survey

Lenovo Legion is dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience and exploring innovative gaming solutions.

As part of this commitment, we want to understand your interest in video game development, with a specific focus on 'playtesting.'

Playtesting is a pivotal part of video game development, where players like you provide crucial feedback to shape the final product. It involves assessing new game concepts and features during development through regular gameplay. Playtesters help game developers fine-tune mechanics, balance, and overall enjoyment. Your feedback can make a significant impact on the gaming industry, highlighting your role as both a player and enthusiast.

We invite you to take part in our survey to share your thoughts, experiences, and playtesting preferences. Your input is invaluable in our pursuit of creating exceptional gaming experiences.

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Have anything else to add or experiences you'd like to share in detail? Leave them in the comments below!

  • If we were interested in playtesting (whether again or for the first time), does Legion have a way to connect interested community members to developers?

  • Question 3 is a little tricky since multiple answers are true for me, but I can only click one. Just picked the one I did the most of. 

  • Apologies for that, sadly there isn't a multiple-choice option available for these types of polls. Hopefully we can get it added in the future.

  • I had the same problem as well.  I ended up selecting the "other way" option as a catch-all.

  • cool survey. i completed it!  I really enjoy playtesting games when the oppertunity comes upc cause it helps provide insight into the development of the game.

  • I've only tested smaller games but they were fun to diagnose bugs.  Feel like a AAA title would get stresssssful.

  • A dream job when I was a kid; now I'd be more interested just to be able to say I had a very small part in my beloved industry.

  • I actually have a relative who does "playtesting" professionally in the sense that he gets paid for it - it's his employment / source of income (I'm not sure what organization he works for or if it's related to a specific game developer). It was the first time I heard of such a position, but it made sense to me... from my experience in software development.

  • Never been a playtester but always thought it seemed fun and interesting.  Seems like a fun and impactful way to put my analytical eye to good use!

  • Same for me. I also just selected "another way" as a catch-all.