What is your favorite console or consoles and why?

  • PC or a Desktop will always be my favorite, There is an immense amount of options for gaming and can always be upgraded.

  • I will love to Get a Lenovo Legion Go and find all their limits. If I ever get it, I will stream all I am able to do and the fixes to any problems. I hear people struggling with the device, I bet I can find solutions to the problems.

  • I would say a laptop.  It is way more versatile.

  • I prefer a versatile laptop!

  • I think he meant strictly consoles which disqualifies pc's. Buy yeah, I'm with you. I left consoles behind around the time the ps3 came out and I don't regret a thing

  • I love my PS5 for the exclusives only wish the PSVR2 had more of sonys amazing experiences.

  • Current or all time? Sega Genesis or nintendo ds or original xbox for old stuff. 

  • Favorite is tough because there is always exclusive titles for xbox or playstation or switch that are usually excellent and are mostly the ones I want to play. Also all the consoles are the same genre game wise usually platform or rpg or sport, dont see many strategy or sim. Why I usually choose pc; more options in titles and controls etc....

  • Switch, as it's fun for all!

  • PC definitely is the platform of choice. 
    for consoles specifically I like PlayStations UI and the asthetics of their hardware. Xbox has some of the best brand exclusive titles.

    for VR I like my HTC Vive!